Opening Nights Series for You Are Here, 19 March 2014

Stop, Hama Time was a participatory exhibition celebrating the kitsch icon of primary school craft – the hama bead. Part of You Are Here festival's Opening Nights series, this one-night-only show featured commissioned works by eleven Canberra-based emerging artists alongside a communal space for the audience to make their own hama-sterpieces. Work created by the public could either be added to the exhibition or taken home.  This project was designed to be a playful opportunity for both artists and audience members to engage in communal, low-stakes creativity within the fixed structure of material limitations.

All images: Taken by Sabrina Baker and Yasmin Masri on Sab's phone, click on individual images for full artist credits. 


Sabrina Baker

Yasmin Masri



Sabrina Baker

Louise Baker

Madeline Bishop

Tara Bromham

Andrew Carvolth

Aaron Garlick

Amanda Herzman

Chelsea Lemon

Deirdre Pearce

Anna Sutherland

Tim Wallace


Video by Erica Hurrell for You Are Here, 2014