Hearing: 24 June 2016

Site: Barbican (Stop BA), Aldersgate St, London, England

Unfiltered ongoing eavesdropping (day of Brexit results)

6:50am - I just feel really anxious ... And I'm saddened too, really.


10:23am - What do you mean you don't know where you're going?! You're leading!


1:02pm - Oh she won't come visit. She says the end of the line to is just too far. 


3:43pm - At the end of the day, it's a million people. You can't ignore that.


5:22pm - What are you going to do about getting your peri peri sauce now, Cher?


7:55pm - *eats grapes from a plastic cup* 


9:20pm - What she did about the coal industry was the right thing to do, yeah? But what she fucked up was what do to with all the people after.