Nine to Five
Sydney Business Parks
2019 - Ongoing

In 2019 I started working in a business park. Business parks have little pull unless you work there, or are meeting someone who does. They are precincts built for focused functionality and economic productivity - park here, coffee here, office here. Grooves of activity are worn deep through mass repetition and lack of options. ‍I normally visit business parks on weekends, when they are empty and somewhat surreal. But even on busy weekdays they can feel a little detached. Islands communities, often cut off by moats of multi-lane highways. ‍


Riverside Corporate Park, North Ryde

Allambie Grove Business Park, Frenchs Forest

Pinnacle Estate, Bella Vista

Pacific Highway, St Leonards

Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh

Technopark, St Leonards

Skyline Place, Frenchs Forest

Skyline Business Park, Frenchs Forest

Near Quad Business Park, Sydney Olympic Park

Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh

the village, North Ryde

Forest Central Business Park, Frenchs Forest Road

Zhen : Norwest, Bella Vista

Slough Business Park, Silverwater

Meridian Place, Norwest Business Park, Bella Vista

Waterloo Business park, Macquarie Park

North Ryde, Near Triniti Business Park

Near Park Views Business Park, Frenchs Forest